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26th May 2021 - The CRU Steel Decarbonisation Strategies 2021 Virtual Conference

The CRU Steel Decarbonisation Strategies 2021 Virtual Conference will bring together leaders from across the global steel value chain gather to discuss pathways to carbon neutrality, what financial tools are available to support these investments and what policy frameworks are needed to make them viable.

By attending, you will leave with practical takeaways you can apply to your strategic decision-making and operational roadmaps to assist in eradicating all three scopes of emissions.

The conference will create a dialogue between policy makers, investors, end-users and senior executives from across the value chain.
Key questions the event will explore:

  • What are the market implications of increased pressure to decarbonise the steel industry?
  • How can policy makers support the decarbonisation of this critical commodity?
  • How are sustainability considerations shaping investment in the steel value chain?
  • How can steel consuming companies understand the overall carbon footprint of their suppliers?
  • What data is available to understand the steel decarbonisation challenge?
  • What can the steel value chain do right now to reduce emissions?

What technological developments could dramatically change the picture in steel decarbonisation?

The conference will consist of three days of live discussions with live Q&A, an exhibition and plenty of networking time. To find out more, and to register, visit www.crusteeldecarb.com.