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02/12/21 - UK Metals Council joins the National Manufacturing Skills Task Force

The UK Metals Council, UKMC, is very pleased to confirm it has joined the National Manufacturing Skills Task Force.

28/06/21 - Leading Aluminium Recycling Organisation (ALUPRO) joins the UK Metals Council.

ALUPRO, the industry funded, not for profit, aluminium recycling organisation has recently joined the UK Metals Council, UKMC.

26/05/21 - The CRU Steel Decarbonisation Strategies 2021 Virtual Conference

The CRU Steel Decarbonisation Strategies 2021 Virtual Conference will bring together leaders from across the global steel value chain gather to discuss pathways to carbon neutrality, what financial tools are available to support these investments and what policy frameworks are needed to make them viable.

26/04/21 - UK Metals Council welcomed the consultation on BAT regulations, urging a consistent UK-wide approach for environmental improvements.

The UK Government, and the devolved administrations, are putting in place a new regime for the development of ‘Best Available Techniques’ (BAT) that prevents and minimises impact on the environment from UK industry.

12/03/21 - Transforming Public Procurement - UKMC calls for more ambition

The UK Metals Council has welcomed the opportunity to respond to the consultation and green paper on transforming public procurement but calls for a more ambitious programme to support UK manufacturing supply chains.

17/11/20 - UK Metal Council Launches Peer Networks Programme for business growth

Peer to Peer Programme for business growth for metals companies

28/07/20 - UK Metals Council welcomes focus on the Foundation Industries in new funding competitions.

The UK Metals Council (UKMC) welcomes the focus on metals, as part of the foundation industries, that is being enabled through the Transforming Foundation Industries ISCF Challenge, which will be investing up to £4.7m in a Research and Innovation Hub to be delivered by EPSRC on behalf of UKRI.

12/02/19 - New Team at UK Metals Council

Member of the UK Metals Council, UKMC, gathered in the Midlands for their regular meeting. The meeting welcomed Simon Juden, who is the new Strategic Director for the UKMC.

12/02/19 - Resource and Waste Strategy Response

The UK Metals Council (UKMC) welcomes the recent publication of the Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy. The document focuses predominantly on the challenges of single-use plastics, the confusion over household recycling, issues with packaging, food waste and waste crime, and as such, has much to commend it.

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