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3rd Oct 2016 - Inquiry into the UK Industrial Strategy.

Inquiry into the UK Industrial Strategy.

The UK Metals Council responded to the recent Government Inquiry on a UK Industrial Strategy.

The UK metals Council support a Government Industrial Strategy.

The Council believe this should be sector based, each led by an Industrial Sector Council.

These Councils should represent the whole sector, both large industrial players as well as the smaller organisations, which need to be included however, often do not have the resource to spend much time on this type of work due to their priority for keeping their businesses going month by month.

Governments have traditionally supported new industries, we would like to see the Government include and support established businesses. This also includes supporting the actual supply chain rather than simple vertical models which are not always in existence.

The UK Metals Council would like to see a partnership between Government and Industry to benefit all parties involved.

We would also like to see the reintroduction of the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) or an improved similar service. MAS was a particularly useful resource which benefitted many SME;s.

If you would like to see the full response from the UK Metals Council to the Government on their Industrial Strategy, please contact Giles Willson, Manager, UK Metals Council:

Tel: 0121 601 6356

E mail: info@ukmetalscouncil.org