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Supply Chain

By 2030, a modern and progressive UK Metals Industry should be supplying high quality, innovative and competitively priced products to a wide range of customers, locally and internationally.

To achieve this aim, every company in the Metals Industry supply chain, many of which are SMEs, needs to be enabled to engage more closely with its key customers to better meet their individual needs, to increase competitiveness and productivity.  At the same time, the government needs to be encouraged to support domestic suppliers as much as possible.

Metals sector companies are in every part of the UK and can contribute to the levelling-up agenda by providing well paid jobs in the regions.  

Proposed action one: Supply chain integration

The industry should perform a full analysis of each supply chain, examine the potential opportunities and then tailor its capabilities and future investment to each sector’s needs.  The initial focus will include the Automotive, Nuclear Energy, Construction and aerospace sectors.

Proposed action two: Encourage more local content

The industry needs to find new ways to encourage end users, as well as the government and infrastructure providers to make more procurement decisions that support UK suppliers, many of which are SMEs, while celebrating UK Metals success stories.

To help achieve this supply chain aim, commitments sought from policymakers may include:

  • A seat for the UK Metals Industry on the Industry Strategy Council (or its equivalent).
  • Agreement to set targets for the use of UK metals in public projects.
  • Incentiives for local sourcing down supply chains in pulblic procurement, recognising the value of local jobs and skills to the UK.

The sector will enage with the Goernment's industrial strategy and theTransforming Foundation Industries  (TFI) competitions.


02/12/21 - UK Metals Council joins the National Manufacturing Skills Task Force
The UK Metals Council, UKMC, is very pleased to confirm it has joined the National Manufacturing Skills Task Force.


28/06/21 - Leading Aluminium Recycling Organisation (ALUPRO) joins the UK Metals Council.
ALUPRO, the industry funded, not for profit, aluminium recycling organisation has recently joined the UK Metals Council, UKMC.


26/05/21 - The CRU Steel Decarbonisation Strategies 2021 Virtual Conference
The CRU Steel Decarbonisation Strategies 2021 Virtual Conference will bring together leaders from across the global steel value chain gather to discuss pathways to carbon neutrality, what financial tools are available to support these investments and what policy frameworks are needed to make them viable.